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Aaaaahhhhh, here we go.

Been a long time since I posted anything and now I'm here to bitch. So here it goes.

Saw the post in dean_sam that had the download link for Sandra Carlson's (Steve's mom) Thanksgiving video she posted (and has since removed). So I posted a comment to let ckll know that Mrs. Carlson wasn't happy with people stealing her video and how she wouldn't post any more. I even made sure to speak in her native language so she'd be sure to understand me. She sent back some bullshit about me being fandom police (which we soooo need, am I right?). When I tried to go to dean_sam to rebut, I was denied. I have been banned. My cherry has been popped. I feel strangely proud.

The exchange: (FYI, the Greek word is "thieves")

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Some help maybe please...

Short version:

There's this guy I kinda dig. He digs me back. No prob, right?
Weeeeeell, he's 9 years younger than me (but still legal) and he's my bff's brother.
So, should I or shouldn't I?
To add to the weirdness, their divorced dad also has a thing for me.
He's obviously not gonna happen, but would it be weird between father & son?
Do I need to discuss with bff before I do anything?
Anyone been though a similar situation that could offer some
"been there, done that"
words of wisdom?


This makes my life sound like a soap opera, but it's really boring, I swear!
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Fuck Off Fandom

So Danneel was at the con with Jensen and that makes you happy. Yay for you. It's your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it.

So Danneel was at the con with Jensen and that makes you angry. Yay for you. It's your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it.

But for the love of all that is good and holy, quit snarking at each other. If you were thrilled that she was there and see it as a sign of their true love, yippy-ki-yi-yay for you. But please quit bitching at the people who were less than thrilled that she was there. If you were pissed that she was there and saw her as being a rude, leash-holding, jealous bitch, yippy-ki-yi-yay for you. But quit bitching at the people who were ticked pink that she was there. Maybe she was showing support. Maybe she was keeping tabs on him. Maybe she was counting autographs. Maybe she just wanted to kill your squee. Whatever the reason, it really is no concern of yours. You got what you paid for. You just make us all look bad.

**Disclaimer: Yes, I do think everyone is allowed to voice their opinion, just let others have their opinion too. Yes, I would be annoyed if she were sitting there looking grumpy when I had paid to see Jensen. Yes, I do wonder why she didn't just stay in the hotel room or go do something else while he was occupied. Yes, I do wonder wtf is up with her counting autographs. No, I do not care for her. No, I have not met her. My opinion is based solely on interviews that she has given and eyewitness testimony from people who have met her. Yes, I do think she genuinely cares for him. The jury is still out on his feelings for her.
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What fuckery is this!?

There is a new interview with Genevieve.

A few tidbits.

I have a BFA in theatre and a BA in English and American Lit.
Well ain't that funny! She can't act or speak English for shit yet she has degrees in both. I believe that's what we call ironic, boys and girls.

I'm a big workhorse
Totally read that as workwhore. Yup.

What does it mean to be bitchy and angry?
Um, seriously? She doesn't know what it means to be bitchy and angry? I can't even fathom how to begin to respond to this line of fuckery.

You can't use the excuse that Ruby is a demon and therefore mean and tough.

... and unless someone has actually met a demon, nobody really knows how they act.
Yes they do. Read your Bible, you uneducated moron.

The most difficult was the sex scene. It's always awkward. PERIOD.
It was soooo awkward that you're now banging the guy the scene was with. Damn, I wish my job was that awkward.

Sometimes it's hard because they (fans of the show) jump to automatically assuming it's "bad acting" when there are specific choices being made.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh shit, I fell outta my chair, just a minute. OK, now hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Ooooo, I can't breathe. Bad...acting...specific...choices...hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

I'm telling a story, not trying to be liked.
Well, that's a good thing, sweetheart.

Yes, there is a change in Ruby. It's part my interpretation and part her arc this season.
Eh, you should interpret it again. Maybe try babelfish, they can interpret all kinds of shit.

I also did a lot of research on angels and demons and religion.
Obviously not enough. Wait, didn't you just say no one knows how demons act? Where did you get your info from? I'm confused now.

Now, go read the whole interview, but imagine it with her lisp. Funny shit, right there.