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meme again

Right Now I'm...

sleepy, bored, and a bit hungry
my YMCA staff shirt and black shorts
Wishing: I wasn't all alone for the week
my housemates
that I love Big Bang Theory
how long it will take me to knock out my Spanish homework
Raving About:
nothing at the moment
Ranting About:
other drivers, I have serious road rage 
Fangirling/Drooling Over:
Jensen, Steve, Christian, Leverage
Thankful For:
the person who usually makes breakfast for me every morning
Planning: for the Vancouver con
Looking Forward To:
the Vancouver con
science class for the rest of the semester
my 1970 Mustang convertible restored
I can find someone to restore my car that will take quarterly payments

please don't kill me

So the internet is exploding with birthday wishes for Jensen.  On IMDB, there are 10 different threads on the first 3 pages.  There are so many on LJ, I can't even count them.  Might I ask why?  Yes, I know it's his birthday.  But do people think he's going to see the birthday wishes, write whoever wrote them, and they'll become BFFs?  I understand the pic spams, manips (as far as I'll ever understand manips), and fics, but not the b-day wishes.  Eh, whatever.

Why didn't this pic cause wank?

They are standing so very close together and actually look happy. No noise on this one? I iz confuzzled with you fandom!


Sweet Jeebus People!!

Why, oh why, can people not have their own opinions in this fandom?

The J2 group is constantly being attacked by the "OMG Danni/Gen are so awesome, it's twoo wuv!" group. Grow up! If you don't agree with someone, leave the post/journal/whatever. DO NOT rant and rave about why they are wrong/stupid/insane/blind/a moron/what-the-fuck-ever. You won't change their mind.

The group who doesn't like *insert female character name here* is not a group of "OMG you're just jealous" lunatics. They are also not misogynistic. Maybe they want female characters who are smart and self-sufficient, not useless T&A. *coughBelacough* There are female characters that were liked, hell, even loved. There are some women that people really wish would be brought back. Does anyone focus on that? Nope, just the hate.

Keep this in mind: Arguing online is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.

Also, what's up with all the people who claim they know Jared/Jensen/cast/crew personally suddenly appearing? If I knew them, I could find better ways to spend my time online bitching at people I have never and will never meet. Like fucking them hanging out playing Guitar Hero.

We all love the same show. If we could put all the hate/wank/bitching energy into something constructive, we could rule the motherfuckin' world!

Jumping on the bandwagon

So, I've been reading a bunch of stuff about Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese. My 2 cents on it all.

People have seen them together in pics at the Friday 13 premiere and say they are dating. Sure. Lots of proof there. They are in close proximity and he might be touching her back/arm. Know what that means? I'm totally dating Jared! OMG! Oh, and Jensen, too! And if that's all the proof you need, why denial about J2? Jared makes a habit of molesting Jensen in pics.

Then there are morons saying crap like this (all are direct quotes)

I knew it. She's exactly his type of girl. Give you a cookie. You know his type? Is it just because she's short and has brown hair? Guess what? I'm his type, too. OMGYAY!! I'm totally gonna to wait by my phone for his call.

She seems to be someone who'll kick ass and take names. Um, no? She seems like someone who would run home crying at the slightest disagreement. Part of the problem with her playing Ruby is that she doesn't look like she could kick anyone's ass.

And he looks so happy lately. I wasn't aware he looked anything other than happy. OK, not true. He's been looking a bit tired, but that always happens around the end of the season. They both start looking haggard.

yea she does look a bit kick ass. She's looks like not one of those girly types (let me carry my yorkie in my purse), but one those chicks that go do outdoor sh!t, and can drink a few beers and watch football you know. Oh my god, no. So, if you have a small dog that you carry around you are automatically a brain-dead automaton? DIAF please. How can you tell by looking at someone that they watch football? Or drink beers or do "outdoor shit"?

We have a few awesome folks, too.

It's not like they're madly in love, he wants someone to bang during those boring Vancouver nights and she's using him to keep her job. This is funny :) She's been flamed pretty hard for saying it, but I like it.

But Gen, well she is homely. Her face kind of looks manly(transvestite). OH well, I guess Jared's seeing what the ugly girls are like now. This is awesome!

In conclusion, fandom you (in general, there are a few exceptions) are fucking insane.

Know what really pisses me off?

When people don't care about/pay attention to something/one until they are dying/dead. If you really care, don't wait until it's too late to act like it. Give a crap when the thing/person is alive and able to know what's going on. Quit pissing and moaning AFTER they are gone to get attention for yourself.

Oh Show,

I'm beginning to hate you. :(

2 totally random things

1. There is a commercial for something called the Slap Chop. In it the guy says "You're gonna love my nuts." Yeah, I lose my shit every time he says that.

2. Chad Lindberg (Ash on Supernatural) is kinda gross looking. Every pic I see of him, he looks like he needs to shower. He looks...greasy. And WTF is up with the low-cut v-neck t-shirts? You know if he hadn't been on Supernatural, girls wouldn't give him the time of day.
ETA: I'm sure he's a nice guy. I'm being totally shallow on this and going on looks alone.

That is all.


I just bought my tickets to the 10pm Thursday showing of MBV 3D! WOO-HOO!!


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